Saturday, October 25, 2014

Spring Wishlist

Forever 21 Geo Print Denim Jacket

Ripcurl Bella Dress

Popbasic Navy Le Breton

Converse All Star White Sneakers

Warehouse Two For Print Dress

Romwe Blue A-Line Striped Skirt

Monday, October 20, 2014

Solids - Week 2


This week James tried Green Beans (he's not a fan!) and Carrots which he loved but are sooo messy! I forgot to take pics of him eating them, so he's one of him enjoying pear instead :)

Day 8
11am - Peas
6pm - Iron-Fortified Rice Cereal (with Pear & Breast milk)

Day 9
11am - Peas
6pm - Iron-Fortified Rice Cereal (with Pear & Breast milk)

Day 10
11am - Introduce Green Beans + Peas
6pm - Iron-Fortified Rice Cereal (with Pear & Water)

Day 11
11am - Green Beans + Peas
6pm - Iron-Fortified Rice Cereal (with Pear & Water)

Day 12
11am - Green Beans + Peas
6pm - Iron-Fortified Rice Cereal (with Pear & Water)

Day 13
11am - Introduce Carrots + Green Beans
6pm - Iron-Fortified Rice Cereal (with Pear & Water)

Day 14
11am - Carrots + Peas
6pm - Iron-Fortified Rice Cereal (with Pear & Water)


Friday, October 17, 2014

Review: L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist for Fine Hair


After running out of my trusty leave-in conditioner, I went in search for a replacement. I had used Moroccan Oil in the past and was keen to use something similar, but not as heavy (it weighed down my fine hair). I looked online at the Morrocan Oil "Light" and was contemplating buying it when I received a tiny sample of the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil from Priceline as part of their regular newsletter. 

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, just something to get me through the next few days. I decided to use it when my hair was wet to help detangle it, which it did.. but not only that, it also left my hair feeling super soft. I said to myself "I have to get this oil!". So I went out and picked up the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist for Fine Hair. I figured that the spray would be more versatile than the pump, as I could use it when my hair was both wet and dry. It would also be less messy as I wouldn't need to rub it in with my hands, just spray and brush! 

Now I am absolutely in-love with this product! It leaves my hair feeling smooth, shiny and frizz free. It also smells amazing (my hubby even commented on how good my hair smells!). It's a bargain too at only $20 (as opposed to $40+ for the "high street" version). I've totally been converted and won't be going back to leave-in conditioner.. it's oil mist all the way!

Do you use a hair oil or oil mist?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 Month Postpartum / Baby Update!


I've started going to RPM classes this month (only once a week) and started taking longer walks whenever I can now that the weather has warmed up. I've lost a little bit of weight this month (0.8kg/1.7lbs), I've got another 3.8kg (8.3lbs) until I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight and 8.8kg (19.4lbs) until I'm at my goal weight.


James is now 7.8kg (17.2lbs) so he's put on 0.8kgs/1.7lbs this month. I also measured him and he's 68cms which is 3.5cms more than last month. 

Things have been going amazingly well for us this month! We started sleep training James (letting him cry it out hurts my heart! - but we never do it for longer than 10 mins) and it's actually worked really well. He's learnt to self-settle in his cot and now sleeps from 7pm til 7am :O I'm so proud of him! We also got a new bottle (comotomo) and he takes it just like the boobie (no gagging or chewing on it). Yaaaay!!! now I can go out without having to race home to feed him. 

James Wakes, Rob spends time with him while getting ready for work (I sleep in a little longer)
Wakeup, Feed James, Rob goes to work
Have Breakfast, Play Gym for James
James Naps, Do Laundry & Housework
Have a Shower and Get Ready
Feed James then Give Him Solids
James Naps, Have Lunch, Blog/Relax/Go out
Feed, Play with James (Tummy Time, Reading, Standing/Sitting etc)
Go for a walk with James (he naps for around 30 mins)
Feed James (one side only), Rob gets home from work & plays with James
Express (other side), Rob Baths James
Cook Dinner, Rob does Bedtime Routine 
(moisturises & dresses James + gives him bottle then solids + reads to James)
James Sleeps, Have Dinner, Relax (spend quality time together)
Feed James, James Sleeps, Go to Bed


He's been great this month.. sleeping from 7am to 7pm! Never thought this day would come! haha. We still give him his dream-feed at 10pm (sometimes earlier) before we go to bed. I don't think we'll drop this feed anytime soon. His daytime naps are pretty much the same, sometimes he'll be great and other times he won't.. just depends on the day and what's happening.

We've started him on solids this month! He's been loving it so far and so have I! It's so fun watching his reaction to different tastes. I still haven't tried feeding him solids in public yet.. I'm trying to put this off as long as possible! haha. Oh and I'm still continuing to breastfeed him as normal. 


I'm still squeezing him into size 00, but I think I'll have to start putting him in size 0 this week. Oh he's so grown up! 

James has hit a few big milestones this month! The first one being that he's started solids! So far he's just had a little bit of fruit, veggies and baby rice cereal. For now we're just sticking to purees as I've heard they can choke if you give them finger food too early. His favourite food so far is pear! He loves trying to feed himself with the spoon - it's so cute! Another milestone is that James went swimming for the first time! He had so much fun and was laughing while playing with us in the pool. We even tipped water over his head and it didn't seem to bother him. He hasn't been teething as badly as last month, still drooling and gnawing on everything but doesn't seem to be in pain which is good. I can see a few buds in his mouth but nothing's come up yet. James is also loves sitting up and standing up (although he needs support for both), he's so strong now and is so active! We also got James baptised this month and he was so well behaved (I'm so proud of him). I think this month has been my favourite so far, he's just been so chatty and happy all the time! I just want to spend all day playing with him.

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